Monday, May 9, 2016

By Alex Introduction

So how do you start a blog about writing other than to start writing. I have been a casual writer for over 25 years but recently spent a year working on and self publishing my first fictional adaptation of my own story. It is about a woman with a mental illness and her journey to recovery. The character is loosely based off what I would have dreamed of for myself and some of my own life experiences. I plan on sharing current and past writing here. I may even give some ideas on how after all that time just journaling and writing for myself how I finally made a book. I'll give you one hint about writing that book right now it took determination. This will be a weekly blog so don't look for posts more than once a week. I spend so much time writing current work that getting to a blog everyday seems daunting. Well, that is about all I have to say for my introduction. Hope to get a first post up within a few days so that I can set a weekly timeframe for you to all count on from me. Til then...Peace, Happiness, and Ice Cream...By Alex....

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