Saturday, February 4, 2017

By Alex Renewing the Pledge

It's been a long time since I have ben on here. I had every intention of creating and keeping up with this blog but I had no idea the kind of work that it would be. I am ready to start beginning after a long bit of research to begin writing on here articles about writing and photography. I have been a photographer since 1993. I went to Interlochen Arts Academy for high school which is where my photography career was born. I went on to Central Michigan University and got my Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography in 2002. I owned and ran my own portrait studio for 6 years. I closed the studio due to the economy tanking and some health issues that came up in 2009. Since then I have freelanced and continued to do portraiture work here and there when it is asked of me. I have learned a lot about the photo market and am beginning to learn a lot about the writing market and what it takes to self publish a book and market the book. I wrote a novel called Madeline. I published it through Exlibris Publishing recently and am beginning the long task of making it known that it is out there. I am currently writing the sequel to Madeline and it isn't going to be out until December. However, I hope to make the two books successful through marketing. I am doing a lot of research about marketing and I am learning about marketing this blog as well. My first article will be coming soon it is going to be about studio lighting and using a minimal setup to achieve a good natural lighting feel. I hope you all come back to read more about photography and my life as it were. I will also be writing about sobriety in my blog as I am a recovering addict. I have spent most of my life in a drugged haze and have had some periods of sobriety along the way. I was still in my active addiction during many of my successful times. I now am clean and am hoping to make some more successful times and be even more successful than before. Well, I am going to sign off for the night. Till then...Peace, Happiness, and Ice Cream.

Here are some examples of my work!

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